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ALICE NINE 2007 Tour Photo Collection Book

This 40 page all colour photo book was released exclusively for Alice Nine's 2007 Black Jewel White Rose tour.
It comes in a standard A4 size and is in excellent mint condition.

This auction will end on Saturday, 6th June @ 23:00 hrs (Singapore time) ENDED
Bidding is done in USD
Shipping will be calculated based on the winning bid's location
Payment is to be made via paypal (bank transfer if you're from Singapore)
Questions can be directed to akipie@gmail.com
main LJ: blurberry

Starting bid: $6.99
Current bid: $27
Bidder: lost_seperated

Auction won by lost_seperated

magazine sale
paypal only, payment should be made within one week
amount stated is in USD
all are in mint condition, with no missing pages
I will ship to anywhere in the world from Singapore
please leave a comment with your email
random freebies would be given with every purchase :D
email: akipie@gmail.com

Magazine list
01 # Shoxx vol 119 January 2003 $3
02 # Shoxx vol 139 September 2003 $7
03 # Shoxx vol 145 March 2005 $7
04 # Shoxx vol 150 August 2005 $7
05 # Shoxx vol 155 January 2006 $7
06 # Shoxx vol 156 February 2006 $9
07 # Shoxx vol 159 May 2006 $6
08 # Shoxx vol 163 September 2006 $7
09 # Shoxx vol 165 November 2006 $6
10 # Shoxx vol 167 January 2007 $6
11 # Shoxx bis vol 1 December 2003 $9
12 # Cure vol 22 July 2005 $9
13 # Cure vol 45 June 2007 $9
14 # Arena37 vol 287 August 2006 $10
15 # Arena37 vol 288 September 2006 $10
16 # Arena37 vol 289 October 2006 $10
17 # Arena37 vol 292 January 2007 $10
18 # Neo Genesis vol 4 $11
19 # Neo Genesis vol 6 $11
20 # Hevn vol 25 August 2006 $10

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Yuichi blog (2008.04.12)/(2008.04.16)
subject: sorry

I've become slow in updating my blog

lately there's been all sorts of commotion in preparation for the next live
the letters that I've received have all mostly been written but
it'll be done in the next arrangement as well so don't worry~!
my schedule will be packed from now till the session live on the 29th and thereafter
for a while it might be difficult to to do lives
as soon as the next one has been decided, I'll post it to this blog so please keep a lookout for it!

anyway, this candy is yummy *lol*
I'm not the kind to eat just any kind of candy, but this is good yo
somehow ne~ it's crunchy ☆彡
it's for sale at the convenience store
the girls seems to like it!

I'll write again!




subject: a date?

I want to go drinking with Kojima Yoshio too...
although it's gross, that physique
Nice ♪ *lol*
new gags have been performed though...
even if they're not that great, it's so ambigious that it's interesting~!! *lol*

I've also started liking NABEATSU~

incidentally I've been hooked recently
it's on Saturdays if I'm not wrong
though "gorilla's poop" have been used on the game show...

this too is interesting~♪*lol*

no matter what was said, you just cannot go without talking about gorilla poop
for example in choosing to talk about poop...

when asked "if I gave you 100,000yen, what would you give in return?"
you can't help but answer "poop!"
you would have lost it if you started laughing then though...
I was already laughing so hard
calling this an idol on purpose is also interesting~♪

go watch and see ☆彡

my bad if the contents of this post has turned into *中二病
I can't easily recover from this disease~


note: 中二病 or chuu ni byou is a Japanese slang meaning click here for a detailed explanation

優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.06)
subject: star wars'

the live I had before was so enjoyable ☆

thank you so much for your letters and presents!

amongst them...
is this manjuu looking thing...
a golden manjuu?
was what I thought when it's a bath salt/soap *lol*

the instructions written on the underside of it read
"takes away fatigue, gives you smooth, silky skin, and a glittering smile"
a glittering smile???
was what I was wondering about as I tried the product out

I see!!!
a considerable amount of gold glitter floats up in the tub, if I use this to wash my face I'd certainly be glittering... *lol*
just like star wars appearing, that gold colored robot

(oh yes, I remember Zozzy turning into a gold colored robot during a live *lol*)

I was definitely smiling *lol*


you shouldn't wash up in the shower or it would defeat the purpose of getting into a tub full of glitter *lol*

go try it out if you get the chance ☆

gold glitter Yuichi

note: if you don't know what a manjuu is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manjuu

優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.04)
Subject: Thanks for today☆彡

first session live went well? *lol*
it's over yo~
since it's a live after disbanding, it makes me happy that the fans who were present were also fans who came to see Viored.☆彡
it's been about a month, but I've been well☆彡
it's great that the fans too seem to be doing well
though there were those who were crying too, let's meet again at next month's live!

the topic is... I've brought Ta-chan *lol*
he's too cute
Ta-chan is a cool one who plays the guitar in a way that isn't hardcore
I'd be the bad guy if he cries...*lol*
in any case, I had a lot of fun, I'm happy to meet him after so long.

thank you so much for coming!

oh, a shot with Kama-sama


優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.04)
Subject: How nice~☆

The cherry blossoms are pretty☆彡
When it's Spring, there will be countless numbers of songs written with cherry blossoms as it's theme both in the lyrics and in the melody.
During Winter they would be about snow
During Summer they would be about the beach
During the Fall... they would be about pike fish *laugh*
Just what would a song about pike fish sound like? *laugh*
Well, the cherry blossoms does allow one to feel a sense of the season doesn't it?

By the way, I had a meal with Kaito today
The topic of our conversation was about Sae-chan *laugh*
After wondering is he doing well? Felt bad saying we should call that out with our escalating voices *laugh*
We called him on his phone but...
We barely reached 3 minutes
This isn't cup noodles *laugh*
We'll have a deeper conversation in the future!

Anyway, I ordered green salad but 30 minutes later it still hadn't come...
The table next to me were done digging into their green salad...
Eventually I made an order for it once more, I think the guy next to me must have eaten mine by mistake
I don't have any proof but he obviously didn't look like he had ordered the salad *laugh*

Oh well
Since I finally have a LIVE tomorrow, I shall now retire for the day

and sleep like a log...


優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.03)
Subject: Delicious!

Being hungry, I went to the convenient store and found this
This is good☆彡
Because the packaging is way too cute, I thought the taste would be mediocre but
That's not the case yo
It's pretty good☆彡*laugh*

By the way, today I went to see a LIVE, and on the way back, written on the menu when we went for food was "Tuna's spare rib".
I ate that but...
The taste of garlic was non-existant, it was depressing...
I forgot to take a picture of it so I can't express it well enough however...
In any case, the garlic yo
It's got nothing to with the Tuna huh

My nose is itchy because of hay fever
It's painful to be allergic...



優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.01)
Drank till morning yesterday
Indeed it's fun to be when Nagi is around☆彡
And at the same time it's a little lonely...

優一 -Yu-ichi- Blog (2008.04.01)
Subject: Today...

There's a rehearsal for the session on 4/4!
It's the first time we're coming together, so I thought we would be all over the place, but we were unexpectedly not.
I un-objectively split the parts with the other guitarist HIRO-kun

Looking forward to the first real session performance!

By the way, I met with Nagi over dinner☆彡 Haven't seen him since the disbandment
Nagi seems to be doing well too!




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